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The Amphicar

While visiting my son in Minneapolis we came across this car in a parking lot. Really cool. Amphicar was around from 1961 until 1965 when it folded after producing only 3878 cars. The Amphicar was designed and built in Germany for the U.S. market, and used a British Triumph engine. It could reach a top speed in the water of 7 knots. Steering however was sluggish, as it used the steering wheels to push it in different directions.


Today you can buy the Python, capable of 60mph on the water . . . and 0-60 in 4.5 seconds on land.

Or, for a mere 1.2 million dollars, you could have the Terra Wind amphibious RV. Like the Amphicar, it too can reach 7 knots in water, but with a bit more luxury.

President Johnson was an Amphicar owner. He delighted in taking visitors to his ranch for a ride. He would drive down a hill and right into his lake while shouting that he had lost his brakes!

Hemmings Motor News

On our current trip my wife and I stopped at Hemmings Motor News in Bennington, Vermont. Adjacent to their offices is an operating gas station they own that sells coffee just like all good gas stations, but also a lot of automobile memorabilia and of course, Hemmings Logowear. We arrived on Sunday afternoon about 5:30pm and were disappointed to see the auto museum was closed for the day. We chatted with a fellow from Norway who was equally disappointed. He was driving an unrestored 1964 Plymouth Road Runner which he had just picked up on this trip to the US. He is supposed to send me some pictures and a story about the car when he returns home in a few weeks.

Their publication offices are in the brick building just to the right.

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