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The 2013 Golden State Stunt Championships came off very well! Great weather help the great flyers fly at the edge of their abilities! When you see a score of 596.5 come in second, you know the competition was extreme!



Commemorative wearing apparel to celebrate the 35th anniversary!


Just some of the World Class Flyers! Ted Fancher; Jim Aron; Howard Rush; Dave Fitzgerald; Brett Buck. (Where's Paul Walker's picture?  . . .  I'm still looking.)



Some of the great planes and people at the 2013 GSSC


RC guy extraordinaire, Mr. Chip Hyde with C/L SV 11


Charles Carter and family looking mighty happy after driving all night and then winning First Place in Beginner!



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Anyone else with pictures of the contest? Please feel free to send them to me for posting here. Send to

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