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Diecast Junkers featured in national magazine!


Terry Ballard, owner, operator and Chief Wrecker at Diecast Junkers has gained national attention. His work was featured in the Winter 2006 edition of DieCast X Magazine (www.diecastxmagazine.com). Not just a small article either; a 4 page spread with a cover lead-in! Congratulations to Terry!



Read the full article online at: http://www.diecastxmagazine.com/content/collectors/twisted_metal.asp

  Let Terry's Diecast Junkers create your ideal travel plans!



 Or personalized your favorite ride



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This This diorama measures 42 inches across, and took terry over 130 hours to construct. It was a specially commissioned work by a someone who wanted a replica of their shop. The floor, the tools and the signs all had to be either hand crafted, or "modified" to fit.


Terry can do this for almost any need, or budget.







Diecast Junkers

Custom designs by Terry Ballard


Real limited Editions, custom work on all orders, no two ever alike!

Other Benefits:

What can I break for you today?


Prices vary with design; email with a brief description of what you want for a quote.

Terry Ballard: furyfins60@earthlink.net 

NEW!!  Check out other creations at the Diecast Junkers new official website!  NEW!

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