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Next club weekend . . . July 15-16. Click on "Upcoming Events" above for more info.

Hi All RVers,

Hope you are all ready for the summer heat.

We want to Thank Debbie and Ron for the last club run at Plymouth 49er resort.  Debbie really out did herself and Ron was a great dealer.  Kudos to you guys.  For those of you who weren't there you really missed out.

Awards went to Lee and Denise on the scavenger hunt and the newest members at that time, Dave and Diane, took second.

Debbie Poulsen handed over the GOOFY Award to Debbie Morris for getting lost on her own scavenger hunt.  I guess you should never be to comfortable in the wagon masters directions...hahaha!

Dinner was great Denise made some really hot chili that is still burning (the Indians asked for her recipe). Debbie's was a little more for cowboys.

The July run is with Dave and Trudy as Wagon Masters.  Talk around the water cooler is that there is going to be allot of fun and adventure.  Please be sure to contact them and let them know if you will be attending. dmarean@cwdn.com

Mike and Karen have accepted the challenge for the next club run in October.  Details will follow.

If you want to see pictures of the club outings Brian Massey has posted a link on his website Californiacarclubs.com.  He would like to put a confidential link with everyones phone, e-mail and trailer length, you will have a password that only members will have.  If you don't let him know that you don't want this information about you on it then please e-mail him at bjmassey@bigfoot.com otherwise we will assume that it is okay.  Again the only way to access this will be with a members only password.  This will be convenient when you are planning a club run.  Thank You Brian.

We have two new couples, Dave and Diane Williams they have a 5th wheel and live up in the Ceres area. Glen and Carol Igo they have a 40 foot motor-home and live in Chowchilla.  Welcome to our club.  We were fortunate to meet both couples and think they fit in just fine.

Micheal and Debbie are thinking of a non-club run for Labor day the first weekend in September, we are thinking of going to a place called Indian Hill Ranch on 58 in Tehachapi website indianhillranch.com or maybe Lake San Antonio.  Let us know if you are interested in joining us.

We had a great Memorial Day non club run at Riverland.  Thanks to Dave and Trudy's save, finding spaced for five trailers at the last minute was not easy.  There was so much food and good company we all had a great time. It was quite an eye-opener watching Micheal fondle the bird!!

We will be taking orders for Red colored Were Out of Here Shirts, call or e-mail your order.  Thanks to Mike and Karen for there great job on the blue ones.

Everyone agrees that Brian and Lorraine need to get a rig soon, we are all really crying over the lack of breakfast gravy, we also miss you both.

Hope to see you all soon


Micheal and Debbie

P.S. We are planning a Luau at the end of August we will keep you posted.

Upcoming events are now posted, click the link above. Past events will be posted soon. If any member has a picture of themselves with, or without their rig they would like to share, please submit!!

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